• Four Lighted Self-Serve and Two Automatic Bays

  • Large Lighted Parking Lot For Entering And Leaving And

  • Chem-Lite Lined Walls All Bays For Enhanced Lighting And
    Ice Shedding

  • Seven (7) Pedestal Mounted Vacuums For Self-Serve And
    Automatic Bays

  • Dual Change Machines For Wash Bays And Vacuums

  • Vending Machines For Towels, Fragrance Trees, And Armor-
    all Protectant

  • Floor Heat Under All Bays and Aprons To Prevent Ice in The

  • Hot Water For Wash and Wax Cycles In Cold Weather

  • Automatic Weep System Keeps Guns and Hoses Thawed in

  • Anti-freeze Foam Brush Soap Keeps Foam Brush Thawed in

  • Manual Doors On Self-Serve Bays For Comfort And Freeze

  • Automatic Doors On Automatic Bays For Winter Freeze

  • Spot Free Final Rinse Eliminates Water Spots - No Dryers
    Are Required

  • Soft Water Is Used For All Wash Cycles Improving
    Effectiveness of Soaps And Waxes

  • "Warsaw Chemical" High Quality Soaps and Waxes Are Used

  • Credit Cards Are Accepted In All Bays Eliminating The Need
    For Quarters

  • Bill Acceptors Are Provided In All Bays Eliminating The Need
    For Quarters

  • Wash Cards Purchased By Internet Are Available For All Bays
    Offering Wash Savings

  • Toke-Notes Purchased By Internet Are Available For
    Automatic Bays Offering Wash Savings

  • Bays and Lot Are Cleaned And Trash Is Dumped Daily By

  • Attendants Are On Site 35 Hours/Week For Customer
    Service, Clean-up, And Monitoring

  • Professional Lawn And Snow Plow Services Are Provided
    Depending On Season

  • Experienced Maintenance Technician On Call For Equipment